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Toldrá, Fidel - Safety of Meat and Processed Meat, ebook

Safety of Meat and Processed Meat

Toldrá, Fidel


Advanced Decontamination Technologies: High Hydrostatic Pressure on Meat Products
Margarita Garriga, Teresa Aymerich
9. Advanced Decontamination Technologies: Irradiation
Eun Joo Lee, Dong U. Ahn
10. Control of

Vinciguerra, Sergio - <Emphasis Type="Bold">Rock</Emphasis> Physics and <Emphasis Type="Bold">Natural Hazards</Emphasis>, ebook

Rock Physics and Natural Hazards

Vinciguerra, Sergio


Compaction and Failure in High Porosity Carbonates: Mechanical Data and Microstructural Observations
P. Baud, S. Vinciguerra, C. David, A. Cavallo, E. Walker, T. Reuschlé
8. Stress Transfer During Pressure Solution Compression