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Hamlin, J. Scott - The Hidden Power of Flash Components, ebook

The Hidden Power of Flash Components

Hamlin, J. Scott


Step by step, The Hidden Power of Flash Components shows you how--and the enclosed CD provides a library of powerful components ready for you to practice with, build upon, and use in your own projects.
For those of you with just a little programming experience,

Griffith, Adam - GURPS For Dummies, ebook

GURPS For Dummies

Griffith, Adam


Produced in partnership with Steve Jackson Games, the game's creator, GURPS For Dummies is the ideal companion to GURPS Basic Set, 4th Edition that explains the rules. It gives you insight into the choices you’ll make in

Orland, Kyle - Wii For Dummies, ebook

Wii For Dummies

Orland, Kyle

From 22,60€

Just got a Nintendo Wii game console? Thinking about one? Wii offers video games, exercise tools, the opportunity to create a cool Mii character, and lot of other entertainment options. Wii For Dummies shows you how to get the most from this fun family

Planet, Lonely - 50 Places To Stay To Blow Your Mind, ebook

50 Places To Stay To Blow Your Mind

Planet, Lonely


Contents:Elegant // Traditional opulence
Ashford Castle // Ireland
Hotel Everest View // Nepal
Majestic Hotel // USA
Quinta Real Zacatecas // Mexico
Trans-Siberian Express // Russia-Mongolia

Escape // Remote and secluded
Attrap Reves // France
Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli

Doerner, Kar - Operations Research Proceedings 2015, ebook

Operations Research Proceedings 2015

Doerner, Kar


Topological Data Analysis for Extracting Hidden Features of Client Data
Klaus B. Schebesch, Ralf W. Stecking
66. Supporting Product Optimization by Customer Data Analysis
Tatiana Deriyenko, Oliver Hartkopp, Dirk C. Mattfeld
67. Inspection of the Validity