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Hu, Rose Qingyang - Heterogeneous Cellular Networks, ebook

Heterogeneous Cellular Networks

Hu, Rose Qingyang


A timely publication providing coverage of radio resource management, mobility management and standardization in heterogeneous cellular networks
The topic of heterogeneous cellular networks has gained momentum in industry and the research community,

Holma, Harri - LTE Advanced: 3GPP Solution for IMT-Advanced, ebook

LTE Advanced: 3GPP Solution for IMT-Advanced

Holma, Harri


Using illustrations, graphs and real-life scenarios, the authors systematically lead readers through this cutting-edge topic to provide an outlook on existing technologies as well as possible future developments.
The book is structured to follow the main technical

Dammann, Armin - Positioning in Wireless Communications Systems, ebook

Positioning in Wireless Communications Systems

Dammann, Armin


It discusses scenarios which are critical for dedicated navigation systems such as the Global Positioning System (GPS) and which motivate the use of positioning based on terrestrial wireless communication systems.
The book introduces approaches for determination

Agusti, Ramon - Radio Resource Management Strategies in UMTS, ebook

Radio Resource Management Strategies in UMTS

Agusti, Ramon


More specifically, the different aspects that are covered include: Introduces the mobile communications sector and UMTS, including the evolution towards 4G systems, with an overview of the QoS concept which is key for the definition of RRM strategies Offers a detailed description of the radio interface