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Heritage, John - Garfinkel and Ethnomethodology, ebook

Garfinkel and Ethnomethodology

Heritage, John


The writings of Harold Garfinkel have had a major impact on the social sciences and linguistics. This book offers a systematic and innovative analysis of his theories and of the ethnomethodological movement which he has inspired.
It is the only full-length…

Heritage, George - Laser Scanning for the Environmental Sciences, ebook

Laser Scanning for the Environmental Sciences

Heritage, George


3D surface representation has long been a source of information describing surface character and facilitating an understanding of system dynamics from micro-scale (e.g. sand transport) to macro-scale (e.g. drainage channel network evolution). Data collection…

Meskell, Lynn - Global Heritage: A Reader, ebook

Global Heritage: A Reader

Meskell, Lynn


Global Heritage: A Reader examines the practice and politics of global heritage preservation and its resulting social implications. Chapters are organized to include a review of relevant, recent literature as well as providing detailed descriptions of

Biehl, Peter F. - Heritage in the Context of Globalization, ebook

Heritage in the Context of Globalization

Biehl, Peter F.


Introduction: Issues Concerning Heritage in the Context of Globalization
Peter F. Biehl, Christopher Prescott
Part II. Traditions and Legal Regulations of Heritage and Its Management
2. Heritage Values, Jurisprudence,

Silverman, Helaine - Contested Cultural Heritage, ebook

Contested Cultural Heritage

Silverman, Helaine


Contested Cultural Heritage: A Selective Historiography
Helaine Silverman
2. The Stratigraphy of Forgetting: The Great Mosque of Cordoba and Its Contested Legacy
D. Fairchild Ruggles
3. Aestheticized Geographies of Conflict: The Politicization of Culture

Hooper, Glenn - Heritage and Tourism in Britain and Ireland, ebook

Heritage and Tourism in Britain and Ireland

Hooper, Glenn


Millstone Grit, Blackstone Edge: Literary and Heritage Tourism in the South Pennines, England
Karl Spracklen
6. Transforming Waterways: The Tourism-Based Regeneration of Canals in Scotland
J. John Lennon
7. Welsh Heritage