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Leeuwen, Esther van - Intergroup Helping, ebook

Intergroup Helping

Leeuwen, Esther van


Intergroup Helping as Subtle Discrimination
1. Helping Behaviour and Subtle Discrimination
John F. Dovidio, Samuel L. Gaertner, Silvia Abad-Merino
2. Benevolent Sexism and Cross-Gender Helping: A Subtle Reinforcement

McCue, Camille - Helping Kids with Coding For Dummies, ebook

Helping Kids with Coding For Dummies

McCue, Camille


Helping Kids with Coding For Dummies comes to the rescue. It breaks beginning coding into easy-to-understand language so you can help a child with coding homework, supplement an existing coding curriculum, or have fun learning with your favorite kid.
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