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Regas, Tyler - Getting an IT Help Desk Job For Dummies, ebook

Getting an IT Help Desk Job For Dummies

Regas, Tyler


Stand out in one of IT's fastest growing job markets
If you're looking for a job in IT, the help desk is the heart and soul of most IT operations, and an excellent starting point for a promising career. With the help of Getting an IT Help

Leeuwen, Esther van - Intergroup Helping, ebook

Intergroup Helping

Leeuwen, Esther van


Intergroup Helping as Subtle Discrimination
1. Helping Behaviour and Subtle Discrimination
John F. Dovidio, Samuel L. Gaertner, Silvia Abad-Merino
2. Benevolent Sexism and Cross-Gender Helping: A Subtle Reinforcement

Brown, Louis D. - Mental Health Self-Help, ebook

Mental Health Self-Help

Brown, Louis D.


Participatory Action Research and Evaluation with Mental Health Self-Help Initiatives: A Theoretical Framework
Geoffrey Nelson, Rich Janzen, Joanna Ochocka, John Trainor
4. The Contributions of Mutual Help Groups for Mental

Harwood, T. Mark - Self-Help in Mental Health, ebook

Self-Help in Mental Health

Harwood, T. Mark


What Constitutes Self-Help in Mental Health and What Can Be Done to Improve It?
T. Mark Harwood, Luciano L’Abate
2. The Self-Help Movement in Mental Health: From Passivity to Interactivity
T. Mark Harwood, Luciano

Archibald, Matthew E. - The Evolution of Self-Help, ebook

The Evolution of Self-Help

Archibald, Matthew E.


Defining Self-Help: How Does a Movement Become an Institution?
Matthew E. Archibald
3. From Small Beginnings: Growth and Diversification
Matthew E. Archibald
4. Legitimation: The Paradox of Public Recognition of Self-Help
Matthew E. Archibald