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Wilson, Richard C. - Visual Guide to Hedge Funds, ebook

Visual Guide to Hedge Funds

Wilson, Richard C.


Vivid graphics make hedge funds, how they work and how to invest in them, accessible for investors and finance professionals
Despite the recent wave of scandals related to the hedge fund

Gregoriou, Greg N. - Hedge Fund Replication, ebook

Hedge Fund Replication

Gregoriou, Greg N.


Can We Really “Clone” Hedge Fund Returns? Further Evidence
Maher Kooli, Sameer Sharma
2. Hedge Fund Replication: Does Model Combination Help?
Jérôme Teïletche
3. Factor-Based

Logue, Ann C. - Hedge Funds For Dummies, ebook

Hedge Funds For Dummies

Logue, Ann C.


If you want to diversify your portfolio and lower your risk exposure with hedge funds, here’s what you should know: Hedge Funds For Dummies explains all the different types