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Newgent, Jackie - 1,000 Low-Calorie Recipes, ebook

1,000 Low-Calorie Recipes

Newgent, Jackie


An unmatched collection of delicious low-calorie recipes from the award-winning 1,000 Recipes series
This incredible cookbook is packed with tasty, low-calorie recipes that the whole family will love. The recipes

UNKNOWN - Family Circle Healthy Family Dinners, ebook

Family Circle Healthy Family Dinners



The cookbook that proves fast and tasty dinners can be healthy, too!
Busy parents want to provide fast and healthy everyday meals for their families without giving up their favorite foods. In Healthy Family Dinners,

Fenster, Carol - 1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes, ebook

1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes

Fenster, Carol


Inside, you'll find delicious gluten-free versions of foods you crave-including muffins, breads, pizzas, pastas, casseroles, cookies, bars, cakes, and pies. You'll also discover hundreds of recipes for all-American favorites, flavorful

 - Diabetic Living Diabetic Slow Cooker Recipes, ebook

Diabetic Living Diabetic Slow Cooker Recipes


Easy, comforting slow cooker recipes from the experts at Diabetic Living
Diabetic Living magazine is the most trusted source of information on nutrition and wellbeing for diabetics. In this new collection, the editors of the magazine present 150 flavorful, no-fuss recipes

UNKNOWN - Weight Watchers One Pot Cookbook, ebook

Weight Watchers One Pot Cookbook



One pot and you're done—delicious recipes using everyday kitchen equipment
With every day so busy, wouldn't you just love to throw everything in one pot and have dinner ready? With Weight Watchers® One Pot Cookbook, you'll find 300 super-tasty and healthy

Fishman, Allison - You Can Trust a Skinny Cook, ebook

You Can Trust a Skinny Cook

Fishman, Allison


She shows you how to take control of your health by taking charge in the kitchen with delicious, healthy meals served in the right portions.
You'll learn how to cook with confidence, making your neighbors jealous both for your cooking skills and your great figure.