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Wexler-Mitchell, Elaine - Guide to a Healthy Cat, ebook

Guide to a Healthy Cat

Wexler-Mitchell, Elaine


Authoritative, easy-to-follow guidance in giving your cat the best possible care
Written by the former president of the Academy of Feline Medicine and the proprietor of a feline-only veterinary clinic, Guide to a Healthy Cat is the definitive

Mathias, Dietger - Staying Healthy From 1 to 100, ebook

Staying Healthy From 1 to 100

Mathias, Dietger


Our food – an energy transfer medium
Dietger Mathias
6. Energy production
Dietger Mathias
7. Energy production when food is scarce
Dietger Mathias
8. Energy expenditure I – basal metabolic rate
Dietger Mathias
9. Energy expenditure