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Yilmaz, Volkan - The Politics of Healthcare Reform in Turkey, ebook

The Politics of Healthcare Reform in Turkey

Yilmaz, Volkan


The Politics of Healthcare: A Critical Review of the Literature
Volkan Yılmaz
3. Healthcare and Politics in Turkish History
Volkan Yılmaz
4. The Health Transformation Programme in Turkey Within the Context of Healthcare

Hyatt, Thomas K. - Tax-Exempt Healthcare 2016 Supplement, ebook

Tax-Exempt Healthcare 2016 Supplement

Hyatt, Thomas K.


Get up to date on 2016 healthcare law and newly relevant issues
The Law of Tax-Exempt Healthcare Organizations 2016 Supplement provides complete and comprehensive practitioner updates and analysis in a single volume. Tackling complex legal issues

Schimmel, Noam - Presidential Healthcare Reform Rhetoric, ebook

Presidential Healthcare Reform Rhetoric

Schimmel, Noam


History of American Liberal and Conservative Healthcare Rhetoric and Public Policy
Noam Schimmel
3. Methodology and Theory: The Social Imaginary and its Moral Order
Noam Schimmel
4. Harry Truman’s November 19, 1945 Address to Congress on Healthcare

Milcent, Carine - Healthcare Reform in China, ebook

Healthcare Reform in China

Milcent, Carine


Organization of Healthcare in China and its Reforms
Carine Milcent
4. Hospital Institutional Context and Funding
Carine Milcent
5. Medical Staff
Carine Milcent
6. Health Insurance in China
Carine Milcent
7. The Medical Drug Market and

Semelka, Richard C. - Health Care Reform in Radiology, ebook

Health Care Reform in Radiology

Semelka, Richard C.


The first book-length treatment of this absolutely essential topic, Health Care Reform in Radiology provides a cogent, concise discussion of major issues related to health care reform from the perspective of fellow imaging specialists. This latest volume

Bastian, Nathaniel D. - Healthcare Systems Engineering, ebook

Healthcare Systems Engineering

Bastian, Nathaniel D.


Apply engineering and design principles to revitalize the healthcare delivery system
Healthcare Systems Engineering is the first engineering book to cover this emerging field, offering comprehensive coverage of the healthcare system, healthcare delivery,