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Arslan, Pelin - Mobile Technologies as a Health Care Tool, ebook

Mobile Technologies as a Health Care Tool

Arslan, Pelin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Pelin Arslan
2. Mobile Technologies as a Support Tool for Health
Pelin Arslan
3. Research Strategies for Mobile Healthcare
Pelin Arslan
4. Project: Locast Health Diary
Pelin Arslan
5. Discussion
Pelin Arslan

Keating, Mary A. - Patient-Centred Health Care, ebook

Patient-Centred Health Care

Keating, Mary A.


Developments in Conceptions of Patient-Centred Care: Implementation Challenges in the Context of High-Risk Therapy
Kathleen Montgomery
3. The Continuum of Resident-Centred Care in US Nursing Homes
Nicholas G. Castle,

Black, Robert E. - Global Health Leadership and Management, ebook

Global Health Leadership and Management

Black, Robert E.


Written by an international panel of distinguished global health experts, this book distills valuable lessons from a wide variety of successful health programs that have been implemented around the world. Global Health