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Keating, Mary A. - Patient-Centred Health Care, ebook

Patient-Centred Health Care

Keating, Mary A.


Developments in Conceptions of Patient-Centred Care: Implementation Challenges in the Context of High-Risk Therapy
Kathleen Montgomery
3. The Continuum of Resident-Centred Care in US

Nilsson, Anders G. - Advances in Information Systems Development, ebook

Advances in Information Systems Development

Nilsson, Anders G.


Combining Project Management Methods: A Case Study of Dlstributed Work Practices
Per Backlund, Björn Lundell
23. User Research Challenges in Harsh Environments: A Case Study in Rock Crushing Industry
Janno Palviainen, Hannele Leskinen
24. Scenarios

Bos, Lodewijk - Handbook of Digital Homecare, ebook

Handbook of Digital Homecare

Bos, Lodewijk


The Epilepsy Project in the Republic of Ireland: Lessons for Digital Homecare
Malcolm J. Fisk
3. The Videocommunication to Support Care Delivery to Independently Living Seniors
Charles G. Willems, Marieke D. Spreeuwenberg,