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Ash, Joan S. - Transforming Health Care Through Information, ebook

Transforming Health Care Through Information

Ash, Joan S.


Organizational and Interpersonal Conflict
29. Introduction
Wendy McPhee
30. The Chief Resident's Dilemma
Stephen Morgan
31. Death of a Committee
Robert Halliday
32. Whose Job Is It Anyway?
Andrew Buettner
33. All for the Want of a

Barach, Paul - Surgical Patient Care, ebook

Surgical Patient Care

Barach, Paul


Tools and Strategies for Continuous Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
Julie K. Johnson, Paul Barach
10. The Future and Challenges of Surgical Technology Implementation and Patient Safety
Chandler D. Wilfong, Steven D. Schwaitzberg
Part II. Job

Bowen, Deborah J. - Handbook of Health Decision Science, ebook

Handbook of Health Decision Science

Bowen, Deborah J.


What Are Values, Utilities, and Preferences? A Clarification in the Context of Decision Making in Health Care, and an Exploration of Measurement Issues
Arwen H. Pieterse, Anne M. Stiggelbout
2. Decision Architectures