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Emcke, Carolin - Against Hate, ebook

Against Hate

Emcke, Carolin


Against Hate is an impassioned call to fight intolerance and defend liberal ideals. It will be of great interest to anyone concerned about the darkening politics of our time and searching for ways forward.

Kucuk, S. Umit - Brand Hate, ebook

Brand Hate

Kucuk, S. Umit


Table of contents
1. What Is Hate?
S. Umit Kucuk
2. What Is Brand Hate?
S. Umit Kucuk
3. Antecedents of Brand Hate
S. Umit Kucuk
4. Consequences of Brand Hate
S. Umit Kucuk
5. Semiotics of Brand Hate
S. Umit Kucuk
6. Legality of Brand Hate
S. Umit Kucuk
7. Managing Brand Hate

Hay, Colin - Why We Hate Politics, ebook

Why We Hate Politics

Hay, Colin


How has this come to pass? Why do we hate politics and politicians so much? How pervasive is the contemporary condition of political disaffection? And what is politics anyway?

In this lively and original work, Colin Hay provides a series of innovative

Jamel, Joanna - Transphobic Hate Crime, ebook

Transphobic Hate Crime

Jamel, Joanna


Transphobic Hate Crime on a National and International Scale
Joanna Jamel
3. Legislation and the Protection of Trans People's Rights
Joanna Jamel
4. The Victim–Offender Relationship in Transphobic Hate Crime
Joanna Jamel
5. Responses to Transphobic

Sponholz, Liriam - Hate Speech in den Massenmedien, ebook

Hate Speech in den Massenmedien

Sponholz, Liriam


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Liriam Sponholz
2. Hate Speech
Liriam Sponholz
3. Hate Speech in der Medienwissenschaft
Liriam Sponholz
4. Umgang der Medien mit Hate Speech
Liriam Sponholz
5. Die Fallstudien
Liriam Sponholz
6. Fallstudie Fallaci
Liriam Sponholz
7. Fallstudie

Pezzella, Frank S. - Hate Crime Statutes, ebook

Hate Crime Statutes

Pezzella, Frank S.


The Legacy of Hate Crimes in American History
Frank S. Pezzella
3. The Case for Hate Crime Statutes-Putative Uniqueness of Injuries
Frank S. Pezzella
4. Offenders, Victims, and Situational Characteristics of the

Rubin, Barry - Hating America : A History, ebook

Hating America : A History

Rubin, Barry


In such an environment, one can easily overlook the fact that people from other countries have, in fact, been hating America for centuries. Going back to the day of Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin, Americans have long been on the defensive. Barry Rubin and Judith

Haynes, Amanda - Critical Perspectives on Hate Crime, ebook

Critical Perspectives on Hate Crime

Haynes, Amanda


Introduction: Mapping the Field of Hate Studies on the Island of Ireland
Seamus Taylor, Amanda Haynes, Jennifer Schweppe
Part I. Contextualising the Significance of the Irish Case
2. The Disappearing of Hate Crime in

Frosh, Stephen - Hate and the ‘Jewish Science’, ebook

Hate and the ‘Jewish Science’

Frosh, Stephen


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Stephen Frosh
Part I. Freud, Jews and Anti-Semitism
2. Freud’s Jewish Identity
Stephen Frosh
3. A Hostile World: Facing Anti-Semitism
Stephen Frosh
Part II. Psychoanalysis, Nazism and ‘Jewish…