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Hansen, Phillip - Hannah Arendt: Politics, History and Citizenship, ebook

Hannah Arendt: Politics, History and Citizenship

Hansen, Phillip


The new study provides a fresh and timely reassessment of the political philosophy of Hannah Arendt. While analysing the central themes of Arendt's work, Phillip Hansen also shows that her work makes a significant contribution to contemporary debates. Specifically, Hansen argues that Arendt

Bernstein, Richard J. - Why Read Hannah Arendt Now?, ebook

Why Read Hannah Arendt Now?

Bernstein, Richard J.


Recently there has been an extraordinary international revival of interest in Hannah Arendt. She was extremely perceptive about the dark tendencies in contemporary life that continue to plague us. She developed a concept of politics and public freedom that serves as a critical standard for

Bernstein, Richard J. - Hannah Arendt and the Jewish Question, ebook

Hannah Arendt and the Jewish Question

Bernstein, Richard J.


Hannah Arendt is increasingly recognised as one of the most original social and political thinkers of the twentieth century. In this important book, Richard Bernstein sets out to show that many of the most significant themes in Arendt's thinking have their origins in their confrontation

Müggenburg, Hannah - Lebensereignisse und Mobilität, ebook

Lebensereignisse und Mobilität

Müggenburg, Hannah


Table of contents
1. Einleitung: Mobilität und mobilitätsrelevante Megatrends
Hannah Müggenburg
2. Theorie: Von den Ursprüngen der Biographie- und Lebensereignisforschung zur Anwendung im Mobilitätskontext
Hannah Müggenburg
3. Methode: Erfassung von Mobilitätsbiographien
Hannah Müggenburg

Thompson, Hannah - Reviewing Blindness in French Fiction, 1789–2013, ebook

Reviewing Blindness in French Fiction, 1789–2013

Thompson, Hannah


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Hannah Thompson
2. The French Metanarrative of Blindness
Hannah Thompson
3. The Creative “Look” of the Blind “Seer”
Hannah Thompson
4. Non-visual Language and Descriptive Blindness
Hannah Thompson
5. Male Desire and the Paradox of Blind Sexuality

Rogers, Hannah - The Art of Deduction, ebook

The Art of Deduction

Rogers, Hannah


The Game is Afoot! A collection of art, poetry and writing from fans of the great detective Sherlock Holmes and his companion Doctor Watson. From the deadly Moriarty to domestic life of Holmes and Watson, The Art of Deduction showcases some of the greatest…

Blamires, Hannah - The Rixton Quiz Book, ebook

The Rixton Quiz Book

Blamires, Hannah


Are you a fan of British boy band Rixton? Can you name the individual band members? Have you watched the music videos that the band has uploaded to YouTube? If so, you will be familiar with Rixton and enjoy their music but how much do you really know…

Rogers, Hannah - A Guide to Deduction: 2nd Edition, ebook

A Guide to Deduction: 2nd Edition

Rogers, Hannah


Updated and Revised 2nd edition. A Guide to Deduction is a guide for any potential Sherlock Holmes or John Watson. A series of reflections on subjects to help anyone from novices to experts to learn how to deduce things from your surroundings. The book…