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Chaudhuri, Bidyut B. - Digital Document Processing, ebook

Digital Document Processing

Chaudhuri, Bidyut B.


New Advances and New Challenges in On-Line Handwriting Recognition and Electronic Ink Management
Eric Anquetil, Guy Lorette
8. Off-Line Roman Cursive Handwriting Recognition
Horst Bunke, Tamás Varga
9. Robustness Design of Industrial Strength Recognition

Zamojski, Wojciech - Dependable Computer Systems, ebook

Dependable Computer Systems

Zamojski, Wojciech


Analysis of Geometric Features of Handwriting to Discover a Forgery
Henryk Maciejewski, Roman Ptak
12. A Formal Framework for Testing duration Systems
Lotfi Majdoub
13. Dynamic Model Initialization Using UML
Lila Meziani, Thouraya Bouabana-Tebibel

Fincher, Sally - People and Computers XVIII — Design for Life, ebook

People and Computers XVIII — Design for Life

Fincher, Sally


The Usability of Handwriting Recognition for Writing in the Primary Classroom
Janet C Read, Stuart MacFarlane, Matthew Horton
10. BMX Bandits: The Design of an Educational Computer Game for Disaffected Youth
Atif Waraich, Gareth Wilson
11. Tales, Tours,

Cao, Longbing - Behavior Computing, ebook

Behavior Computing

Cao, Longbing


Modeling and Analysis of Social Activity Process
Can Wang, Longbing Cao
3. Behaviour Representation and Management Making Use of the Narrative Knowledge Representation Language
Gian Piero Zarri
4. Semi-Markovian Representation of User Behavior in Software

Bhateja, Vikrant - Data Engineering and Intelligent Computing, ebook

Data Engineering and Intelligent Computing

Bhateja, Vikrant


Comparison of SVM Kernel Effect on Online Handwriting Recognition: A Case Study with Kannada Script
S. Ramya, Kumara Shama
8. Feature Extraction of Cervical Pap Smear Images Using Fuzzy Edge Detection Method
K. Hemalatha, K. Usha Rani
9. Minimizing