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Stebbings, Geoff - Growing Your Own Fruit and Veg For Dummies, ebook

Growing Your Own Fruit and Veg For Dummies

Stebbings, Geoff


• Get going with growing – discover which plants are best for you and how to make the most of your outdoor space
• Prepare your plot – learn how to set up and maintain healthy beds for your fruit and vegetables
• Grow tasty veg –

Akbarnia, Behrooz A. - The Growing Spine, ebook

The Growing Spine

Akbarnia, Behrooz A.


The Growing Spine and Sports
John M. Flynn, Ejovi Ughwanogho, Danielle B. Cameron
14. Spinal Deformity in Metabolic Diseases
James O. Sanders, Kerry Armet, Susan Bukata
15. Spinal Manifestations of the Skeletal Dysplasias
Michael C. Ain, Eric D.

Bourdillon, Michael - Growing Up in Poverty, ebook

Growing Up in Poverty

Bourdillon, Michael


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Child Poverty and the Centrality of Schooling
Michael Bourdillon, Jo Boyden
Part I. Poverty and the Lives of Growing Children
2. How Does Where Children Live Affect How They Develop? Evidence from Communities in Ethiopia and Vietnam
Paul Dornan, María José Ogando Portela

Carson, Charles - Growing Modular, ebook

Growing Modular

Carson, Charles


Table of contents
1. Introduction, with Focus on the Customer
2. Mass Customization, Components and Customer Intimacy
3. Selling Customized While Producing Industrialized
4. Mass Customization of Services
5. Mass Customization of…

Nichol, Raymond - Growing up Indigenous, ebook

Growing up Indigenous

Nichol, Raymond


Table of contents
1. A Compelling Need
Raymond Nichol
2. Knowledge Traditions and Change
Raymond Nichol
3. Traditional Socialisation and Education in Australia
Raymond Nichol
4. Traditional Socialisation and Education in Melanesia

Green, John W - Growing up in Lee-on-the-Solent, ebook

Growing up in Lee-on-the-Solent

Green, John W


John Green’s family moved to Lee-on-the-Solent just in time for the outbreak of war in 1939. For a seven-year-old, war sounded like an exciting adventure, but as he sheltered with his mother and sister under the stairs during an air-raid, someone said…

Lacuna-Richman, Celeste - Growing from Seed, ebook

Growing from Seed

Lacuna-Richman, Celeste


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Basic Concepts of Social Forestry
Celeste Lacuna-Richman
2. People and Forests: The Relationship Between Society and Natural Resources
Celeste Lacuna-Richman
3. Communities in Tropical Forests: Examples…

Ma, Xiaodong - Growing Up in the People’s Republic, ebook

Growing Up in the People’s Republic

Ma, Xiaodong


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Global Milieu
2. “Even If You Cut It, It Will Not Come Apart”
Weili Ye, Xiaodong Ma
3. “Flowers of the Nation”
Weili Ye, Xiaodong Ma
4. From Paper Crown to Leather Belt
Weili Ye,…

Chusseau, Nathalie - Growing Income Inequalities, ebook

Growing Income Inequalities

Chusseau, Nathalie


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Overview
Joël Hellier
Part I. Where Do We Stand? Why Is It So?
2. Growing Income Inequalities in Advanced Countries
Nathalie Chusseau, Michel Dumont
3. Inequality in Emerging Countries
Nathalie Chusseau, Joël Hellier
4. The Working Poor
Ekaterina Kalugina