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Robertson, A. F. - Greed: Gut Feelings, Growth, and History, ebook

Greed: Gut Feelings, Growth, and History

Robertson, A. F.


'Greed' is a visceral insult. It jabs below the belt, evoking guilty sensations of gluttony and lust. It taunts the rich and powerful, penetrating the cover of modern ideologies and institutions. Today, old-fashioned accusations of greed drag the larger-than-life

Barber, Stephen - Greed, ebook


Barber, Stephen


Condemning Greed? Catholic Perspectives
Patrick Riordan
10. Working with Greed: The Challenge of Inequalities
Marco Roncarati
11. Sufficiency not Greed: ‘Consume Less, Share

Kothari, Vinay B. - Executive Greed, ebook

Executive Greed

Kothari, Vinay B.


Table of contents
Part I. General Overview
1. Introduction
Vinay B. Kothari
2. Nature of Management Failure
Vinay B. Kothari
Part II. Role of Management Leadership: Realities and Myths
3. Realities of Leadership Contribution

Hamilton, Stewart - Greed And Corporate Failure, ebook

Greed And Corporate Failure

Hamilton, Stewart


Tyco: Greed, Hubris and the $6000 Shower Curtain
Stewart Hamilton, Alicia Micklethwait
6. Marconi: Establishment to Wunderkind to Basketcase
Stewart Hamilton, Alicia Micklethwait
7. Swissair: Crashed and Burned
Stewart Hamilton, Alicia Micklethwait

Tickle, Phyllis A. - Greed : The Seven Deadly Sins, ebook

Greed : The Seven Deadly Sins

Tickle, Phyllis A.


The deadly sin of Greed goes by many names, appears in many guises, and wreaks havoc on individuals and nations alike. In this lively and generous book, Phyllis A. Tickle argues that Greed is "the Matriarch of the Deadly Clan,"

Bauman, Zygmunt - Does the Richness of the Few Benefit Us All?, ebook

Does the Richness of the Few Benefit Us All?

Bauman, Zygmunt


It is commonly assumed that the best way to help the poor out of their misery is to allow the rich to get richer, that if the rich pay less taxes then all the rest of us will be better off, and that in the final analysis the richness of the few benefits…

Fitzjohn-Moores, Isabella - The Golden Hair, ebook

The Golden Hair

Fitzjohn-Moores, Isabella


It is a book that explores greed in the human nature and how it reacts when applied to the innocent and malleable. The author intended it to be a fable for adults.