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Margolis, Jonathan - Guerrilla Marketing For Dummies, ebook

Guerrilla Marketing For Dummies

Margolis, Jonathan


Want to reach consumers in innovative ways? Guerilla Marketing For Dummies is packed with guerilla tactics and trade secrets for marketing your products or services like never before. From re-imagining existing marketing

Ding, Min - Innovation and Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry, ebook

Innovation and Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Ding, Min


Patient Empowerment: Consequences for Pharmaceutical Marketing and for the Patient–Physician Relationship
Nuno Camacho
15. Leveraging Peer-to-Peer Networks in Pharmaceutical Marketing
Tulikaa Bhatia
16. Leveraging Social Media in the Pharmaceutical

Feng, Qiushi - Variety of Development, ebook

Variety of Development

Feng, Qiushi


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Qiushi Feng
2. FAW, “Senior Son” of the Chinese Automobile Industry
Qiushi Feng
3. SAIC, a Giant of the Domestic Market
Qiushi Feng
4. Chery Auto, Champion of National Brands
Qiushi Feng
5. Geely Auto, Pioneer Grassroots Automaker
Qiushi Feng

Heyman, Darian Rodriguez - Nonprofit Fundraising 101, ebook

Nonprofit Fundraising 101

Heyman, Darian Rodriguez


This book also provides indispensible ideas and diverse case studies ranging from grassroots efforts to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and advice for organizations of all sizes and focus. Chapters are brief and easily digestible, featuring extensive resources for additional

Spyridakis, Manos - Market Versus Society, ebook

Market Versus Society

Spyridakis, Manos


Managing Against the Odds: Economic Crisis, Bad Governance and Grassroots Entrepreneurialism in Naples
Italo Pardo
5. From Nationalization to Neoliberalism: Territorial Development and City Marketing in Brindisi
Giuliana B. Prato
6. Relations with the

Cantoni, Lorenzo - Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2013, ebook

Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2013

Cantoni, Lorenzo


Table of contents
1. Conceptualizing Context in an Intelligent Mobile Environment in Travel and Tourism
Carlos Lamsfus, Zheng Xiang, Aurkene Alzua-Sorzabal, David Martín
2. Discovering Functional Requirements and Usability Problems for a Mobile Tourism Guide through Context-Based Log Analysis
Elena Not, Adriano