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Brading, Jean - Succesful Graduate Recruitment, Second Edition, ebook

Succesful Graduate Recruitment, Second Edition

Brading, Jean


This Special Briefing will help you to optimise your graduate recruitment activities. It explains: · How the labour market works and the picture for graduate recruiters · How to identify and optimise the benefits brought to you by graduates ·

Buasuwan, Prompilai - Asia Pacific Graduate Education, ebook

Asia Pacific Graduate Education

Buasuwan, Prompilai


Introduction: Situating Graduate Education in a Rapidly Changing Higher Education Environment
Deane E. Neubauer, Prompilai Buasuwan
Part I. Changing Dynamics of Asia Pacific Graduate Education
2. The Expansion of Cross-Border Graduate

Jackson, Barbara J. - Follow-Up for NICU Graduates, ebook

Follow-Up for NICU Graduates

Jackson, Barbara J.


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Introduction
Howard Needelman
Part II. NICU Background
2. Developmental Care in the Nursery
Sandra Willett
3. Utilizing Neonatal Brain Imaging to Predict Neurodevelopmental Outcomes

Gut, Allan - Probability: A Graduate Course, ebook

Probability: A Graduate Course

Gut, Allan


Table of contents
1. Introductory Measure Theory
2. Random Variables
3. Inequalities
4. Characteristic Functions
5. Convergence
6. The Law of Large Numbers
7. The Central Limit Theorem
8. The Law of the Iterated Logarithm

Rao, Nyapati R. - International Medical Graduate Physicians, ebook

International Medical Graduate Physicians

Rao, Nyapati R.


International Medical Graduate Physician Training in American Psychiatry: Where We Are and Where We Are Going
Joel Yager
2. Graduate Medical Education and Career Paths
Rashi Aggarwal, Petros Levounis
3. Core Competencies and the Next Accreditation System

Teichler, Ulrich - Careers of University Graduates, ebook

Careers of University Graduates

Teichler, Ulrich


Confirming Conventional Wisdom and Contributing to New Insights: The Results of a Comparative Study on Graduate Employment and Work
Ulrich Teichler

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