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Loistl, Otto - Asset Management Standards, ebook

Asset Management Standards

Loistl, Otto


Table of contents
1. Setting the Scene
Otto Loistl, Robert Petrag
2. The Scenario Today
Otto Loistl, Robert Petrag
3. The Structural Components of the Synopsis
Otto Loistl, Robert Petrag
4. The Regulation of Management Risk

Loistl, Otto - Asset Management Standards, ebook

Asset Management Standards

Loistl, Otto


Asset Management Standards Corporate Governance for Asset Management Part of the Finance and Capital Markets Series series. Description Asset management standards are crucial for building trust between investors and capital market experts. The issue

Schön, Wolfgang - Tax and Corporate Governance, ebook

Tax and Corporate Governance

Schön, Wolfgang


Good Corporate Governance: The Tax Dimension
Jeffrey P. Owens
3. Tax and Corporate Governance: An Economic Approach
Mihir A. Desai, Dhammika Dharmapala
4. Tax and Corporate Governance:

Solms, Rossouw - Information Security Governance, ebook

Information Security Governance

Solms, Rossouw


The Use of Best Practice Standards and Guidelines in Information Security Governance
S.H. Solms, R Solms
7. The Direct Part of the Model – An Information Security Policy Architecture
S.H. Solms, R Solms
8. The Control Part of the Model – An Information

Cressy, Robert - Entrepreneurship, Finance, Governance and Ethics, ebook

Entrepreneurship, Finance, Governance and Ethics

Cressy, Robert


Harmonized Regulatory Standards, International Distribution of Investment Funds and the Recent Financial Crisis
Douglas Cumming, Gael Imad’Eddine, Armin Schwienbacher
9. Active Management of Socially Responsible Portfolios
Annalisa Fabretti, Stefano

Mertz, Marcel - Ethics and Governance of Biomedical Research, ebook

Ethics and Governance of Biomedical Research

Mertz, Marcel


Big Biobanks: Three Major Governance Challenges and Some Mini-constitutional Responses
Roger Brownsword
15. Ethical Dimensions of Dynamic Consent in Data-Intense Biomedical Research—Paradigm Shift, or Red Herring?
Bettina Schmietow
16. Using Patent

Goodyear, Steve - Practical SharePoint 2013 Governance, ebook

Practical SharePoint 2013 Governance

Goodyear, Steve


Designing Your Development Standards and Testing Processes
Steve Goodyear
15. Framing Your Information Architecture and UI Standards
Steve Goodyear
16. Coordinating Your Code Promotion and Release Processes
Steve Goodyear