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Carl, Klaus - Gothic Art, ebook

Gothic Art

Carl, Klaus


Gothic art finds its roots in the powerful architecture of the cathedrals of northern France. It is a medieval art movement that evolved throughout Europe over more than 200 years. Leaving curved Roman forms behind, the architects started using flying buttresses and pointed arches to open

Reyes, Xavier Aldana - Spanish Gothic, ebook

Spanish Gothic

Reyes, Xavier Aldana


Modern and Contemporary Gothic Literature (1900–2016)
6. The Twentieth Century (1900–75): Modernist Spiritualism and Political Gothic
Xavier Aldana Reyes
7. From the Death of Franco to the Present: The Establishment of Horror and the Gothic Auteur

Beville, Maria - The Gothic and the Everyday, ebook

The Gothic and the Everyday

Beville, Maria


The Abhuman City: Peter Ackroyd’s Gothic Historiography of London
Ashleigh Prosser
Part II. Legend, Folklore, and Tradition
6. Spectral Pumpkins: Cultural Icons and the Gothic Everyday
Lorna Piatti-Farnell
7. The Doll’s Uncanny Soul

Georgieva, Margarita - The Gothic Child, ebook

The Gothic Child

Georgieva, Margarita


Table of contents
1. First Steps
Margarita Georgieva
2. ‘Becoming as Little Children’
Margarita Georgieva
3. Experimenting with Children
Margarita Georgieva
4. Child Sublimation
Margarita Georgieva
5. The Political Child
Margarita Georgieva
6. The Gothic Child on Film

Duggett, Tom - Gothic Romanticism, ebook

Gothic Romanticism

Duggett, Tom


Radical Gothic: Politics and Antiquarianism in Salisbury Plain (1794)
Tom Duggett
4. “By Gothic Virtue Won”: Romantic Poets Fighting the Peninsular War
Tom Duggett
5. Wordsworth’s Gothic Education

Heiland, Donna - Gothic and Gender: An Introduction, ebook

Gothic and Gender: An Introduction

Heiland, Donna


Gothic novels tell terrifying stories of patriarchal societies that thrive on the oppression or even outright sacrifice of women and others. Donna Heiland's Gothic and Gender offers a historically informed theoretical introduction to key gothic

Smith, Andrew - The Female Gothic, ebook

The Female Gothic

Smith, Andrew


Female Gothic and the Institutionalisation of Gothic Studies
Lauren Fitzgerald
3. ‘The Haunting Idea’: Female Gothic Metaphors and Feminist Theory
Diana Wallace
4. ‘Mother Radcliff’: Ann Radcliffe and the

Horner, Avril - Le Gothic, ebook

Le Gothic

Horner, Avril


Edgar Allan Poe in Paris: The Flâneur, the Détournement and the Gothic Spaces of the Nineteenth-Century City
Linnie Blake
4. Blood in Paris: Transformations of Revolutionary Gothic in Henry James and Elizabeth Bowen