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Ledford, Jerri L. - Google Analytics, ebook

Google Analytics

Ledford, Jerri L.


With great new features including advanced customization and segmentation capabilities, Analytics supplies information about your site visitors that helps you ramp up the value of your site. And like its two previous editions, this guide shows you what's new in

Naidu, Siddartha - Google BigQuery Analytics, ebook

Google BigQuery Analytics

Naidu, Siddartha

From 42,35€

The book uses real-world examples to demonstrate current best practices and techniques, and also explains and demonstrates streaming ingestion, transformation via Hadoop in Google Compute engine, AppEngine datastore integration, and using GViz with Tableau to generate

Waisberg, Daniel - Google Analytics Integrations, ebook

Google Analytics Integrations

Waisberg, Daniel


Get a complete view of your customers and make your marketing analysis more meaningful
How well do you really know your customers? Find out with the help of expert author Daniel Waisberg and Google Analytics Integrations. This unique guide takes

Clifton, Brian - Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics, ebook

Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics

Clifton, Brian


Get the latest information about using the #1 web analytics tool from this fully updated guide
Google Analytics is the free tool used by millions of web site owners to assess the effectiveness of their efforts. Its revised interface and new features

Kelsey, Todd - Introduction to Google Analytics, ebook

Introduction to Google Analytics

Kelsey, Todd


Fun with E-Commerce Analytics Part I: Shopify
Todd Kelsey
6. Fun with E-Commerce Analytics Part II: AdWords
Todd Kelsey
7. Fun with E-Commerce Analytics Part III: Gumroad

Geddes, Brad - Advanced Google AdWords, ebook

Advanced Google AdWords

Geddes, Brad


Master every aspect of the powerful Google AdWords platform with this one-of-a-kind guide
AdWords expert Brad Geddes, the first and only Advanced AdWords Seminar leader for Google, shares his detailed instruction and insights to get new users up and

Deokar, Amit V. - Analytics and Data Science, ebook

Analytics and Data Science

Deokar, Amit V.


Exploring the Analytics Frontiers Through Research and Pedagogy
Amit V. Deokar, Ashish Gupta, Lakshmi S. Iyer, Mary C. Jones
2. Introduction: Research and Research-in-Progress
Anna Sidorova, Babita Gupta, Barbara Dinter
3. Business Intelligence Capabilities