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Bernstein, Peter L. - The Power of Gold: The History of an Obsession, ebook

The Power of Gold: The History of an Obsession

Bernstein, Peter L.


"The need for realism in reform of its monetary system is what makes Bernstein’s story of the Power of Gold so timely. It is a compelling reminder that maintaining a fixed price for gold and fixed exchange rates were difficult even in a simpler financial

Jacobs, Yoni - Gold Bubble: Profiting From Gold's Impending Collapse, ebook

Gold Bubble: Profiting From Gold's Impending Collapse

Jacobs, Yoni


How do TV shows, vending machines, Chinese taxi companies, and a former UK prime minister point to a gold bubble that is about to burst?
Many investors consider gold a "safe haven" that will shelter them from recessions, falling markets, and the depreciating

Hashmi, A. Stephen K. - Modern Gold Catalyzed Synthesis, ebook

Modern Gold Catalyzed Synthesis

Hashmi, A. Stephen K.


With its impressive features, gold has led to completely new reaction types in recent years, which in turn have strongly influenced both
organic catalysis and material science. Other fields where a significant amount of new results has been obtained include nanotechnology,
self assembly/supramolecular

Gold, Natalie - Teamwork, ebook


Gold, Natalie


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Teamwork in Theory and in Practice
Natalie Gold
2. A Theoretical Framework for the Understanding of Teams
Margaret Gilbert
3. Cognitive Cooperation: When the Going Gets Tough, Think as a Group

Speck, Dimitri - The Gold Cartel, ebook

The Gold Cartel

Speck, Dimitri


Means of Gold Market Intervention I: Sales
Dimitri Speck
10. Means of Gold Intervention II: Gold Lending
Dimitri Speck
11. The Gold Carry Trade
Dimitri Speck
12. Coordination of Private Banks and Central