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Kadre, Shailendra - Going Corporate, ebook

Going Corporate

Kadre, Shailendra


Table of contents
Part 1. IT Operational Issues
1. Understanding Enterprise IT
Shailendra Kadre
2. Project Management
Shailendra Kadre
3. Delivery and Program Management
Shailendra Kadre
4. Service Delivery Management
Shailendra Kadre
5. Portfolio Management
Shailendra Kadre
6. Presales,

Kassel, Stephan - Software Engineering Education Going Agile, ebook

Software Engineering Education Going Agile

Kassel, Stephan


Agile Software Development in Business Informatics: Using Agile Methods for Teaching Purposes at the University of Applied Sciences, Zwickau
Manja Görner, Stephan Kassel, Thomas Klein
5. International Program Strategy

Woods, Dan - SAPNetWeaverFor Dummies, ebook

SAPNetWeaverFor Dummies

Woods, Dan


Where do you begin?
Starting to transform your business with SAP NetWeaver is that daunting. NetWeaver is both an application platform and an integration platform. It integrates your current IT systems to enable portals, collaboration, data management, and

Latan, Hengky - Partial Least Squares Path Modeling, ebook

Partial Least Squares Path Modeling

Latan, Hengky


Table of contents
Part I. Basic Concepts and Extensions
1. Partial Least Squares: The Gestation Period
Richard Noonan
2. Partial Least Squares Path Modeling: Updated Guidelines
Jörg Henseler, Geoffrey Hubona, Pauline Ash Ray
3. Going Beyond Composites: Conducting a Factor-Based PLS-SEM Analysis

Nelson, Stephen L. - QuickBooks 2012 For Dummies, ebook

QuickBooks 2012 For Dummies

Nelson, Stephen L.


Learn to use the UK's number one small business accounting software!
A reliable accounting system is integral to the success of any small business and QuickBooks is the finance program you need to handle your

Doll, Mark W. - Defending the Digital Frontier: A Security Agenda, ebook

Defending the Digital Frontier: A Security Agenda

Doll, Mark W.


"The charge of securing corporate America falls upon its business leaders. This book, offered by Ernst & Young and written by Mark Doll, Sajay Rai, and Jose Granado, is not only timely, but comprehensive in outlook and broad in scope. It addresses many of the critical security issues facing