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Tribble, Evelyn B. - Cognition in the Globe, ebook

Cognition in the Globe

Tribble, Evelyn B.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Evelyn B. Tribble
2. The Stuff of Memory
Evelyn B. Tribble
3. Action and Accent: Voice, Gesture, Body, and Mind
Evelyn B. Tribble
4. Social Cognition: Enskillment in the Early Modern Theatre

Larrañaga, Elisa - Cyberbullying Across the Globe, ebook

Cyberbullying Across the Globe

Larrañaga, Elisa


Table of contents
1. Cyberbullying: Definitions and Facts from a Psychosocial Perspective
Anastasio Ovejero, Santiago Yubero, Elisa Larrañaga, María V. Moral
Part I. Gender, Family, and Psychosocial Issues
2. Gender Issues and Cyberbullying…

Holtz-Bacha, Christina - Election Posters Around the Globe, ebook

Election Posters Around the Globe

Holtz-Bacha, Christina


Table of contents
1. Posters: From Announcements to Campaign Instruments
Christina Holtz-Bacha, Bengt Johansson
2. Theoretical Perspectives on Visual Political Communication Through Election Posters
Stephanie Geise
3. Methodological Approaches to the Analysis of Visual Political Communication Through Election

Shirazian, Taraneh - Around the Globe for Women's Health, ebook

Around the Globe for Women's Health

Shirazian, Taraneh


Table of contents
1. Maternal Mortality: The Greatest Health Divide in the World
Carolina Bibbo, Taraneh Shirazian
2. Postpartum Hemorrhage in a Conflict Setting
Nichole Young-Lin, Maya Garala, Erin Gertz
3. Obstetric Fistula

Robila, Mihaela - Handbook of Family Policies Across the Globe, ebook

Handbook of Family Policies Across the Globe

Robila, Mihaela


Family Policies Across the Globe: Development, Implementation, and Assessment
Mihaela Robila
Part II. Family Policies in Africa
2. Toward Sustainable Family Policies in Sierra Leone: Developments and Recommendations
Adeyinka M. Akinsulure-Smith, Hawthorne

Barrett, Drue H. - Public Health Ethics: Cases Spanning the Globe, ebook

Public Health Ethics: Cases Spanning the Globe

Barrett, Drue H.


Table of contents
Section I. Introduction to Public Health Ethics
1. Public Health Ethics: Global Cases, Practice, and Context
Leonard W. Ortmann, Drue H. Barrett, Carla Saenz, Ruth Gaare Bernheim, Angus Dawson, Jo A. Valentine, Andreas Reis

Maguire, Laurie - 30 Great Myths about Shakespeare, ebook

30 Great Myths about Shakespeare

Maguire, Laurie


Think you know Shakespeare? Think again . . .
Was a real skull used in the first performance of Hamlet? Were Shakespeare's plays Elizabethan blockbusters? How much do we really know about the playwright's life? And what of his notorious relationship…

Morley, Jacqueline - William Shakespeare, A Very Peculiar History, ebook

William Shakespeare, A Very Peculiar History

Morley, Jacqueline


William Shakespeare, A Very Peculiar History' uniquely explores the life and works of the widely-regarded greatest writer of the English language. Through dispelling common myths (Could his father really not read or write? What really happened during…