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Brassington, Iain - Public Health and Globalisation, ebook

Public Health and Globalisation

Brassington, Iain


Claims that there are good arguments for a public health service that do not amount to arguments for a national health service, but for something that looks far more like a transnational health service.

Zajda, Joseph - Globalisation, Policy and Comparative Research, ebook

Globalisation, Policy and Comparative Research

Zajda, Joseph


Table of contents
2. Globalisation, and Comparative Research: Implications for Education
Joseph Zajda
3. Comparative Education in an Increasingly Globalised World
Lynn Davies
4. Globalisation and Its Malcontents: In Pursuit of the Promise of Education
Crain Soudien
5. To Compare Is Human: Comparison

Milliot, Eric - The Paradoxes of Globalisation, ebook

The Paradoxes of Globalisation

Milliot, Eric


Introduction: A Complex, Restrictive and Contradictory Globalisation of Markets
Eric Milliot, Nadine Tournois
2. Preliminary Chapter
Yvon Pesqueux
Part I. General Policy and Strategy
3. The Paradoxical Dynamics of Globalisation
Eric Milliot

Martens, Pim - Measuring Globalisation, ebook

Measuring Globalisation

Martens, Pim


Consequences of Globalisation Reconsidered: Applying The KOF Index
Axel Dreher, Noel Gaston, Pim Martens
6. Conclusion
Axel Dreher, Noel Gaston, Pim Martens

Barkham, Richard - Real Estate and Globalisation, ebook

Real Estate and Globalisation

Barkham, Richard

From 80,20€

This book is based on a series of briefings on the relationship between macro economic events and real estate markets in the era of globalisation that covered the period. Collectively they offer unique insights, new ideas and practical approaches to real estate economics,

Greenaway, David - Globalisation and Productivity Growth, ebook

Globalisation and Productivity Growth

Greenaway, David


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Overview
Holger Görg, David Greenaway, Richard Kneller
Part I. Aggregate Productivity Growth
2. Globalisation and Aggregate Productivity Growth
Michael Henry, Chris Milner
3. Liberalisation and Aggregate Productivity Growth
David Greenaway, M. Emranul Haque

Greenaway, David - Globalisation and Labour Market Adjustment, ebook

Globalisation and Labour Market Adjustment

Greenaway, David


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Overview
David Greenaway, Richard Upward, Peter Wright
2. Globalisation and Turnover
Carl Davidson, Steven J. Matusz
3. The Wage and Unemployment Impacts of Trade Adjustment
Paulo Bastos, Joana Silva
4. Trade and Rising Wage Inequality: What Can We Learn from a

Spoor, Max - Globalisation, Poverty and Conflict, ebook

Globalisation, Poverty and Conflict

Spoor, Max


Globalisation, Inequality and Poverty
1. From Exclusive to Inclusive Development
Agnes Ardenne
2. Collateral Damage or Calculated Default? The Millennium Development Goals and the Politics of Globalisation
Jan Pronk
3. Can Improved Human Development