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McGill, Ross - Global Custody and Clearing Services, ebook

Global Custody and Clearing Services

McGill, Ross


Table of contents
Part 1. An Introduction to Custody & Clearing
1. A Brief History of Custody
Ross McGill, Naren Patel
2. Custody Today
Ross McGill, Naren Patel
3. Key Issues
Ross McGill, Naren Patel
4. Clearing &…

Pinedo, Michael - Global Asset Management, ebook

Global Asset Management

Pinedo, Michael


Global Asset Management — Introduction and Overview
1. The Asset Management Industry Dynamics of Growth, Structure and Performance
Ingo Walter
2. What Do We Know About the Mutual Fund Industry?
Massimo Massa
Part II. The Crisis of 2007–2008 and

Buckland, Jerry - Payday Lending in Canada in a Global Context, ebook

Payday Lending in Canada in a Global Context

Buckland, Jerry


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jerry Buckland, Brenda Spotton Visano
2. A Statistical Profile of Payday Loan Clients from National Surveys
Wayne Simpson, Khan Islam
3. A Socio-economic Examination of Payday Loan Clients: Why and…

Borzutzky, Silvia - Rent-Seeking in Private Pensions, ebook

Rent-Seeking in Private Pensions

Borzutzky, Silvia


Table of contents
1. A Global Revolution in Retirement Provision? Mandatory Defined-Contribution Pensions
Mark Hyde, Silvia Borzutzky
2. Structure: Concentration and Ownership in the Pension Fund Management Industry
Mark Hyde, Silvia Borzutzky
3. Pricing: Management Charges in Mandatory DC Pensions