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Dincer, Ibrahim - Global Warming, ebook

Global Warming

Dincer, Ibrahim


On the Principles of Thermodynamics – Effects on the Environment, Global Warming, and Sustainability
A. Özer Arnas
3. Role of Renewable Energy in Sustainable Development
Anand S. Joshi, Ibrahim Dincer, Bale V. Reddy

Archer, David - Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast, ebook

Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast

Archer, David


Wolfgang Rankl is currently Head of Telecom and Research and Development at Giesecke & Devrient, Germany. He is an experienced author, having written three editions of the book Smart Card Handbook for Wiley (3rd Edition published 2003), and the German…

Graham, Ian - Global Warming, A Very Peculiar History, ebook

Global Warming, A Very Peculiar History

Graham, Ian


Which species of moth was nearly killed off by the fight for cleaner air? How does a cow's bottom contribute to global warming? Could warmer mean colder? All these questions and more are answered in 'Global

Caron, Zoe - Global Warming For Dummies, ebook

Global Warming For Dummies

Caron, Zoe


Positive suggestions for practical solutions to this heated issue Hotly debated in the political arena and splashed across the media almost 24/7, global warming has become the topic of the moment. Whatever one's views on its cause, there is no denying

Marquina, Antonio - Global Warming and Climate Change, ebook

Global Warming and Climate Change

Marquina, Antonio


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Antonio Marquina
2. IPCC Assessment Reports: Challenges Presented
Ana Yábar Sterling
Part I. Water and Food
3. Water Availability and Policies in Asia
Maizatun Mustafa
4. Effects of Climate Change on Hydrological Resources in Europe: The Case of Spain

Leroux, Marcel - Global Warming — Myth or Reality?, ebook

Global Warming — Myth or Reality?

Leroux, Marcel


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Part One. The subject, the players, and the principle basis
2. History of the notion of global warming
3. Conclusions of the IPCC (Working Group I)
4. Science, media, politics...
5. Greenhouse effect — water effect
6. Causes of climate change
7. Models and climate