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West, David - Social Movements in Global Politics, ebook

Social Movements in Global Politics

West, David


Social Movements in Global Politics is a timely new account of the unconventional, ‘extra-institutional’ activities of social movements.
In the face of impending global crises and stubborn conflicts,

Oberleitner, Gerd - Global Human Rights Institutions, ebook

Global Human Rights Institutions

Oberleitner, Gerd


The range of global human rights institutions which have been created over the past half century is a remarkable achievement. Yet, their establishment and proliferation raises important questions. Why do states create such institutions and what do they want them to achieve? Does this differ

McGrew, Anthony G. - Global Politics: Globalization and the Nation-State, ebook

Global Politics: Globalization and the Nation-State

McGrew, Anthony G.


It takes as a dominant theme the contested issue of 'globalization' (the apparent intensification of global patterns of inter-dependence) and its implications for the autonomy of the modern nation-state.
Following a conceptual introduction, which critically examines

Weiss, Thomas G. - Global Governance: Why What Whither, ebook

Global Governance: Why What Whither

Weiss, Thomas G.

From 85,30€

How is the world governed in the absence of a world government?

This probing yet accessible book examines "global governance" or the sum of the informal and formal values, norms, procedures, and institutions that help states, intergovernmental organizations,

Kandiah, Michael D. - Britain in Global Politics Volume 2, ebook

Britain in Global Politics Volume 2

Kandiah, Michael D.


Table of contents
1. Britain and the Origins of the Religious Cold War, 1944–47
Dianne Kirby
2. ‘Journey into a Desert’: British Perceptions of Poland’s Western Territories, 1945–48
Alastair Noble
3. British Propaganda and…

Payne, Anthony - Development, ebook


Payne, Anthony


The concept of development has never been in greater need of analysis and clarification than in the present era. Just about everyone is 'for' development as an assumed 'good', yet few seem to have a concrete idea of what the term actually entails.

Basu, Manisha - The Aesthetics and Politics of Global Hunger, ebook

The Aesthetics and Politics of Global Hunger

Basu, Manisha


Table of contents
1. Hungry; or, Human?
Manisha Basu
Part I. Memory and Trauma
2. Oskar Rosenfeld, the Lodz Ghetto, and the Chronotope of Hunger
Sven-Erik Rose
3. The Question of Literary Form: Realism in the Poetry and Theater of…