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Willoughby, Nick - Digital Filmmaking For Kids For Dummies, ebook

Digital Filmmaking For Kids For Dummies

Willoughby, Nick


The easy way for kids to get started with filmmaking
If you've been bitten by the filmmaking bug—even if you don't have a background in video or access to fancy equipment—Digital Filmmaking For Kids makes it easy to get up and running with digital

Costanzo, William V. - World Cinema through Global Genres, ebook

World Cinema through Global Genres

Costanzo, William V.


World Cinema through Global Genres introduces the complex forces of global filmmaking using the popular concept of film genre. The cluster-based organization allows students to acquire a clear understanding of core

Ginsberg, Terri - A Companion to German Cinema, ebook

A Companion to German Cinema

Ginsberg, Terri


Offers a careful combination of theoretical rigor, conceptual accessibility, and intellectual inclusivenessIncludes essays by well-known writers as well as up-and-coming scholars who take innovative critical approaches to both time-honored and emergent areas in the field, especially regarding race, gender,

Cateridge, James - Film Studies For Dummies, ebook

Film Studies For Dummies

Cateridge, James


You'll get an easy-to-follow introduction to different film genres and styles, learn about the history of cinema, get to know who makes up a filmmaking team, explore global cinema from Hollywood to Bollywood and much more.

Hjort, Mette - A Companion to Nordic Cinema, ebook

A Companion to Nordic Cinema

Hjort, Mette


Considers Nordic cinema’s engagement with global audiences through coverage of such topics as Dogme 95, the avant-garde filmmaking movement begun by Danish directors Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg, and the global

Szczepanik, Petr - Behind the Screen, ebook

Behind the Screen

Szczepanik, Petr


A Flexible Mode of Production: Internationalizing Hollywood Filmmaking in Postwar Europe
Daniel Steinhart
10. A European Take on the Showrunner? Danish Television Drama Production
Eva Novrup Redvall
11. Exporting Nollywood: Nigerian Video Filmmaking

Bailey, Peter J. - A Companion to Woody Allen, ebook

A Companion to Woody Allen

Bailey, Peter J.

From 158,40€

A timely companion by the authors of two of the most important books on Allen to date Illuminates the films of Woody Allen from a number of divergent critical perspectives Explores the contexts in which his work should be understood Assesses Allen’s remarkable filmmaking

Prager, Brad - A Companion to Werner Herzog, ebook

A Companion to Werner Herzog

Prager, Brad


A Companion to Werner Herzog showcases over two dozen original scholarly essays examining nearly five decades of filmmaking by one of the most acclaimed and innovative figures in world cinema.

First collection in twenty years dedicated to examining Herzog’s expansive career