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Green, Andy - Handbook of Global Education Policy, ebook

Handbook of Global Education Policy

Green, Andy


This innovative new handbook offers a comprehensive overview of the ways in which domestic education policy is framed and influenced by global institutions and actors.
Surveys current debates about the role of education

Mundy, Karen - Education and Global Cultural Dialogue, ebook

Education and Global Cultural Dialogue

Mundy, Karen


Comparative Education, International Relations, and Dialogue across Cultures
2. From International Relations to Global Governance in Education: A Tribute to Ruth
Karen Mundy
3. Meaning Making in Cultural Experience:

Zajda, Joseph - Global Values Education, ebook

Global Values Education

Zajda, Joseph


Peace Education as Cosmopolitan and Deliberative Democratic Pedagogy
Klas Roth
5. Education in Values Through Children’s Literature. A Reflection on Some Empirical Data
Santiago Nieto Martín
6. A Global Imperative of Teaching Multiculturally in Florida’s

Akpan, Ben - Science Education: A Global Perspective, ebook

Science Education: A Global Perspective

Akpan, Ben


Representing Evolution in Science Education: The Challenge of Teaching About Natural Selection
Keith S. Taber
5. History and Philosophy of Acidity: Engaging with Learners by a Different Route
John Oversby
Part II. Science and National Development

Chang, Maiga - ICT in Education in Global Context, ebook

ICT in Education in Global Context

Chang, Maiga


Towards a Critical Understanding to the Best Practices of ICT in K-12 Education in Global Context
Jinbao Zhang, Junfeng Yang, Maiga Chang, Tingwen Chang
2. How Teachers and Students Depict Interactive Whiteboards and Tablet

Abdi, Ali A. - Global Perspectives on Adult Education, ebook

Global Perspectives on Adult Education

Abdi, Ali A.


Global Perspectives on Adult Education: An Introduction
Ali A. Abdi, Dip Kapoor
2. Globalization and Adult Education in the South
Edward Shizha, Ali A. Abdi
3. Cultural Perspectives in African Adult Education: Indigenous