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Jaggar, Alison M. - Gender and Global Justice, ebook

Gender and Global Justice

Jaggar, Alison M.

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Issues of global justice have received increasing attention in academic philosophy in recent years but the gendered dimensions of these issues are often overlooked or treated as peripheral. This groundbreaking collection by Alison Jaggar brings gender

Stacy, Helen M. - Economic Justice, ebook

Economic Justice

Stacy, Helen M.


Rights and Economic Justice in Nozick’s Theory
Rex Martin
8. Poverty, Markets, Justice: Why the Market Is the Only Cure for Poverty
Jan Narveson
9. Fatal Flaws in the Libertarian

Brotherton, David C - Outside Justice, ebook

Outside Justice

Brotherton, David C


Procedural Justice: Immigrants in Interaction with Agents of the State
1. Driving While Immigrant: Driver’s License Policy and Immigration Enforcement
Michele L. Waslin
2. Local Democracy on ICE: The Arizona Laboratory
Judith A. Greene
3. Removal

Merle, Jean-Christophe - Spheres of Global Justice, ebook

Spheres of Global Justice

Merle, Jean-Christophe


Minority Rights and Global Justice: A Netherlands Perspective
Piet Klerk
16. Integrating Cultural Concerns in the Interpretation of Traditional Individual Rights: Lessons from the International Human Rights Jurisprudence

Heinze, Eric A. - Justice, Sustainability, and Security, ebook

Justice, Sustainability, and Security

Heinze, Eric A.


The Hardest Cases of Global Injustice: The Responsibility to Inquire
Brooke Ackerly
3. Business and Human Rights: An Insider’s Journey with BP and Beyond
Christine Bader
4. Reflections on “Actually Existing Sustainability”
Timothy W. Luke

Morvaridi, Behrooz - Social Justice and Development, ebook

Social Justice and Development

Morvaridi, Behrooz


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Social Justice and Development
Behrooz Morvaridi
2. The Right to Development
Behrooz Morvaridi
3. Neoliberalism and Social Justice
Behrooz Morvaridi
4. Economic Globalisation and Global Social Justice
Behrooz Morvaridi
5. Global Governance and Rights to Development:

Haase, Michaela - Economic Responsibility, ebook

Economic Responsibility

Haase, Michaela


From the Economics of Responsibility to Economic Responsibility: Introduction
Michaela Haase
Part I. Theories and Frameworks: Interdependence and Complexity
2. John Maurice Clark: An Early Classic of Ordo Responsibility
Ingo Pies
3. Externalities,