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Brockington, Dan - Capitalism and Conservation, ebook

Capitalism and Conservation

Brockington, Dan


Through a series of case studies from around the world, Capitalism and Conservation presents a critique of conservation’s role as a central driver of global capitalism.Features innovative new research on case studies on the connections between

Srnicek, Nick - Platform Capitalism, ebook

Platform Capitalism

Srnicek, Nick


It shows how the fundamental foundations of the economy are rapidly being carved up among a small number of monopolistic platforms, and how the platform introduces new tendencies within capitalism that pose significant challenges to any vision of a post-capitalist

Centeno, Miguel A. - Global Capitalism: A Sociological Perspective, ebook

Global Capitalism: A Sociological Perspective

Centeno, Miguel A.


The global financial crisis has challenged many of our most authoritative economic ideologies and policies. After thirty years of reshaping the world to conform to the market, governments and societies are now calling for a retreat to a yet undefined new economic order.
In order to

Pizzolato, Nicola - Challenging Global Capitalism, ebook

Challenging Global Capitalism

Pizzolato, Nicola


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Nicola Pizzolato
2. The Making and Unmaking of Fordism
Nicola Pizzolato
3. The “American Model” in Turin
Nicola Pizzolato
4. The Cities of Discontent
Nicola Pizzolato
5. A Global Struggle in a Local Context
Nicola Pizzolato
6. Conclusion: Two Different

Rossi, Ugo - Cities in Global Capitalism, ebook

Cities in Global Capitalism

Rossi, Ugo


In what ways are cities central to the evolution of contemporary global capitalism? And in what ways is global capitalism forged by the urban experience? This book provides a

Held, David - Global Governance at Risk, ebook

Global Governance at Risk

Held, David

From 30,15€

The rise of new powers, the collapse of our global financial system, the proliferation of nuclear weapons and crisis in the Eurozone have led to a build up of risks that is likely to provoke a more general crisis in our system of global

Paus, Eva - Global Capitalism Unbound, ebook

Global Capitalism Unbound

Paus, Eva


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Winners and Losers from Offshore Outsourcing: What Is to Be Done?
Eva Paus
Part II. The Great Transformation: The Globalization of the Labor Market
2. The Challenge of the Growing Globalization of Labor Markets to Economic and Social Policy
Richard B. Freeman

Kennedy, Paul - Vampire Capitalism, ebook

Vampire Capitalism

Kennedy, Paul


The Rise of Vampire Capitalism (and not a slayer in sight)
Paul Kennedy
3. The Roots of Vampire Capitalism
Paul Kennedy
4. Living with Twenty-First-Century Capitalism
Paul Kennedy
5. The Juggernaut of Science and Technology: Friend or Foe?