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Makin, Tony - Global Finance and the Macroeconomy, ebook

Global Finance and the Macroeconomy

Makin, Tony


Description This book provides new ways of analyzing the key issues in international finance and open economy macroeconomics. The topics covered include: financial globalization and the evolution of the international financial system; international macroeconomic…

Weiss, Thomas G. - Global Governance: Why? What? Whither?, ebook

Global Governance: Why? What? Whither?

Weiss, Thomas G.


How is the world governed in the absence of a world government?

This probing yet accessible book examines "global governance" or the sum of the informal and formal values, norms, procedures, and institutions that help states, intergovernmental organizations,

Cowen, Noel - Global History: A Short Overview, ebook

Global History: A Short Overview

Cowen, Noel


Drawing on a new perspective on global history, he traces the intersection of change in economics, politics and human beliefs, examining the formation, enlargement and limits of human societies. Global History shows how much of

Lewis, Paul - Global Politics: Globalization and the Nation-State, ebook

Global Politics: Globalization and the Nation-State

Lewis, Paul


It takes as a dominant theme the contested issue of ‘globalization’ (the apparent intensification of global patterns of inter-dependence) and its implications for the autonomy of the modern nation-state.

Following a conceptual introduction, which critically

Meskell, Lynn - Global Heritage: A Reader, ebook

Global Heritage: A Reader

Meskell, Lynn


Global Heritage: A Reader examines the practice and politics of global heritage preservation and its resulting social implications. Chapters are organized to include a review of relevant, recent literature as well as providing detailed descriptions of

Sinclair, Timothy - Global Governance, ebook

Global Governance

Sinclair, Timothy


In today’s uncertain world, the concept of global governance has never been more relevant or widely discussed. But what does this elusive idea really mean, and why has it become so important? This pacey introduction sheds new light on the issues involved, offering readers a comprehensive