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Satlow, Michael - The Gift in Antiquity, ebook

The Gift in Antiquity

Satlow, Michael


The Gift in Antiquity presents a collection of 14 original essays that apply French sociologist Marcel Mauss’s notion of gift-giving to the study of antiquity.Covers such wide-ranging topics as vows in the Hebrew Bible; ancient Greek wedding

Hughes, James E. - The Cycle of the Gift: Family Wealth and Wisdom, ebook

The Cycle of the Gift: Family Wealth and Wisdom

Hughes, James E.


A comprehensive guide to giving well to family members
Giving is at the core of family life--and with current law allowing up to $5,120,000 in tax-free gifts, at least through December 2012, the ultra-affluent are faced with the task of giving at perhaps largest scale in history. Beyond

Pfeiffer, Steven I. - Essentials of Gifted Assessment, ebook

Essentials of Gifted Assessment

Pfeiffer, Steven I.


An Up-to-Date Overview of the Theory and Practice Underlying Gifted Assessment
Essentials of Gifted Assessment introduces readers to the theory and practice underlying gifted assessment. Steven Pfeiffer, a leading expert in the field of gifted

Saltman, Kenneth J. - The Gift of Education, ebook

The Gift of Education

Saltman, Kenneth J.


The Gift of Corporatizing Educational Leadership: The Broad Foundation and the Venture Philanthropy View of Leadership
Kenneth J. Saltman
6. The Gift of Corporatizing Teacher Education and Higher Education

Joy, Morny - Women, Religion, and the Gift, ebook

Women, Religion, and the Gift

Joy, Morny


Embodied Divinity and the Gift: The Case of Okinawan Kaminchu
Noriko Kawahashi
7. Women’s Power to Give: Their Central Role in Northern Plains First Nations
JoAllyn Archambault, Alice Beck Kehoe
8. A Buddhist Gift

Brown, Stephen - Free Gift Inside!!: Forget the Customer. Develop Marketease, ebook

Free Gift Inside!!: Forget the Customer. Develop Marketease

Brown, Stephen


Free Gift Inside! offers an alternative solution to the difficulty of selling to an already sated and sophisticated consumer.
* Based on the article "Torment Your Customers (They'll Love It" which Harvard Busines Review chose as one of 2002's Six Breakthrough Ideas
* A new concept

Wilson, Thomas D. - Winning Gifts: Make Your Donors Feel Like Winners, ebook

Winning Gifts: Make Your Donors Feel Like Winners

Wilson, Thomas D.


The secret to getting gifts and making donors feel like winners.
Know the best approaches to people-centered fundraising. Understand the role of executive director, fundraisers, program managers, and volunteers in the win-win framework, the importance of listening, the case for

Ritter-Weilemann, Irene - Elternratgeber Gift im Garten, ebook

Elternratgeber Gift im Garten

Ritter-Weilemann, Irene


Table of contents
1. Eine schnelle Orientierungshilfe
Irene Ritter-Weilemann, Ludwig Sacha Weilemann
2. Erstmaßnahmen bei Vergiftungen mit Pflanzen
Irene Ritter-Weilemann, Ludwig Sacha Weilemann
3. Die Früchteampel: Gefährlichkeit…