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Porter, Glenn - The Rise of Big Business: 1860 - 1920, ebook

The Rise of Big Business: 1860 - 1920

Porter, Glenn


Recent scholarship, however, has revealed important new insights into the changing cultural values and sensibilities of Americans who lived during the time, on women in business, on the ties between the emerging corporations and other American institutions, on the nature of competition among giant

Nolan, Peter - Is China Buying the World?, ebook

Is China Buying the World?

Nolan, Peter


Giant firms from high income countries with leading technologies and brands have greatly increased their investments in developing countries, with China at the forefront. Multinational companies account for over two-thirds of China's

Crouch, Colin - The Strange Non-death of Neo-liberalism, ebook

The Strange Non-death of Neo-liberalism

Crouch, Colin


The reason is that while neo liberalism seems to be about free markets, in practice it is concerned with the dominance over public life of the giant corporation. This has been intensified, not checked, by the recent financial crisis and acceptance that certain financial