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Milsom, John - Field Geophysics, ebook

Field Geophysics

Milsom, John


This handy pocket-sized book provides practical information and assistance to anyone engaged in small-scale surveys on the ground. The 3rd edition updates the considerable changes in instrumentation, and far-reaching developments in applications that…

Kirsch, Reinhard - Groundwater Geophysics, ebook

Groundwater Geophysics

Kirsch, Reinhard


Table of contents
1. Petrophysical properties of permeable and lowpermeable rocks
Reinhard Kirsch
2. Seismic methods
Wolfgang Rabbel
3. Geoelectrical methods
Reinhard Kirsch, Ugur Yaramanci
4. Complex conductivity measurements

Eriksen, Asger - Field Geophysics, ebook

Field Geophysics

Eriksen, Asger

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This has become the standard text in this area for use in the field and the experience of the two authors will ensure the book retains its place as one of the most popular handbooks in applied geophysics. Fully revised and updated to incorporate new developments in