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Porter, Jeremy R. - Geographical Sociology, ebook

Geographical Sociology

Porter, Jeremy R.


Roots of Space in Sociology: Community Sociology at the Wisconsin and Chicago Schools
Jeremy R. Porter, Frank M. Howell
4. Human Ecology and Its Link to Geographical Sociology
Jeremy R. Porter, Frank M. Howell
5. Contemporary Movements in Theories of

Crăciun, Cerasella - Space and Time Visualisation, ebook

Space and Time Visualisation

Crăciun, Cerasella


The Natural, Anthropogenic, and Cultural Landscape Between Space and Time. Case Study: The Lost Gardens of Bucharest
Cerasella Crăciun
3. Lost Landscapes: In Search of Cartographic Evidence
Gabriela Osaci-Costache, Iuliana Armaş
4. Towards a New Design

Jasani, Bhupendra - Remote Sensing from Space, ebook

Remote Sensing from Space

Jasani, Bhupendra


Table of contents
I. Security, Crises and the Role of Earth Observation
1. Definitions, Concepts and Geospatial Dimensions of Security
Clementine Burnley, Nathalie Stephenne, Dirk Buda, Daniele Ehrlich
2. European Security Policy and Earth…

Brenner, Neil - State/Space: A Reader, ebook

State/Space: A Reader

Brenner, Neil


This groundbreaking, interdisciplinary volume brings together diverse analyses of state space in historical and contemporary capitalism.
The first volume to present an accessible yet challenging overview of the changing geographies of state power under capitalism. A unique, interdisciplinary

Heppenstall, Alison J. - Agent-Based Models of Geographical Systems, ebook

Agent-Based Models of Geographical Systems

Heppenstall, Alison J.


The Integration of Agent-Based Modelling and Geographical Information for Geospatial Simulation
Andrew T. Crooks, Christian J. E. Castle
13. Space in Agent-Based Models
Kiril Stanilov
14. Large Scale Agent-Based Modelling: A Review and Guidelines for