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Holbourn, Ann - Atlas of Benthic Foraminifera, ebook

Atlas of Benthic Foraminifera

Holbourn, Ann


These single–celled marine protists are important because of their geographic ubiquity, distinction morphologies and rapid evolutionary rates, their abundance and diversity deep–sea sediments, and because of their utility as indicators of environmental

Fabrikant, Sara Irina - The European Information Society, ebook

The European Information Society

Fabrikant, Sara Irina


An ontological-based approach to Geographic Information Science curricula design
Marco Painho, Paula Curvelo, Ignacio Jovani
3. An Adaptive Land-use Simulation Model for Integrated Coastal Zone Planning
Henning Sten Hansen
4. Delineation of individual

Burton, Linda M. - Communities, Neighborhoods, and Health, ebook

Communities, Neighborhoods, and Health

Burton, Linda M.


Formalizing Place in Geographic Information Systems
Michael F. Goodchild
3. Spatial Polygamy and the Heterogeneity of Place: Studying People and Place via Egocentric Methods
Stephen A. Matthews
4. Placing Biology in Breast Cancer Disparities Research

Buchroithner, Manfred - Cartography from Pole to Pole, ebook

Cartography from Pole to Pole

Buchroithner, Manfred


Silhouette-Based Label Placement in Interactive 3D Maps
Christine Lehmann, Jürgen Döllner
14. A Framework for the Automatic Geometric Repair of CityGML Models
Junqiao Zhao, Jantien Stoter, Hugo Ledoux
15. Augmented Reality Visualization of Archeological