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Solinger, Jason D. - Becoming the Gentleman, ebook

Becoming the Gentleman

Solinger, Jason D.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jason D. Solinger
2. Gentlemen and Their Knowledge of the World
Jason D. Solinger
3. The Politics of Alexander Pope’s Urbanity
Jason D. Solinger
4. The Dissemination of Knowledge of the World from The Connoisseur to Evelina
Jason D. Solinger
5. Austen’s

Paller, Michael - Gentlemen Callers, ebook

Gentlemen Callers

Paller, Michael


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michael Paller
2. The Signs Are Interior
Michael Paller
3. The Time and World That I Live In
Michael Paller
4. Something Kept on Ice
Michael Paller
5. A True Story of Our Time

Mitchinson, K. W. - Gentlemen and Officers, ebook

Gentlemen and Officers

Mitchinson, K. W.


An impressive work of research which is not so much a regimental history as a social study of the three battalions of the 5th (London Rifle Brigade) London Regiment: 1/5th, 2/5th and 3/5th. The first two served on the Western Front, the third (3/5th)…

Hornung, E. W. - Raffles the Gentleman Thief - Trilogy, ebook

Raffles the Gentleman Thief - Trilogy

Hornung, E. W.


Raffles, the gentleman thief, was created by E. W. Hornung, who was brother-in-law to the creator of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle. In many ways, Raffles is an inversion of Holmes, he has his own Watson in the form of Harry "Bunny" Manders, and he is a master of disguise. This compilation

Winch, Julie - A Gentleman of Color : The Life of James Forten, ebook

A Gentleman of Color : The Life of James Forten

Winch, Julie


In A Gentleman of Color, Julie Winch provides a vividly written, full-length biography of James Forten, one of the most remarkable men in 19th-century America. Forten was born in 1766 into a free black family. As a teenager he served in the Revolution and was captured by the British.

Hornung, E.W. - A Thief in the Night, ebook

A Thief in the Night

Hornung, E.W.


This third rip-roaring collection of short stories about Raffles, the Gentleman Thief, has been specially formatted for today’s e-readers by Andrews UK.