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Bristow, Jennie - The Sociology of Generations, ebook

The Sociology of Generations

Bristow, Jennie


Table of contents
1. Why Study Generations?
Jennie Bristow
2. Fresh Contacts, Education, and the Cultural Heritage
Jennie Bristow
3. Teachers, the End of Ideology, and the Pace of Change
Jennie Bristow
4. ‘Safeguarding’, Child Protection and Implicit Knowledge
Jennie Bristow
5. Gender and

Bolland, Eric - Generations and Work, ebook

Generations and Work

Bolland, Eric


How Generations Impact Businesses
Eric Bolland, Carlos Lopes
6. Does Generation Matter?
Eric Bolland, Carlos Lopes
7. Diagnosing and Solving Age Issues
Eric Bolland, Carlos Lopes
8. Conclusions and a New Model for Age and Work
Eric Bolland,

Palmberger, Monika - How Generations Remember, ebook

How Generations Remember

Palmberger, Monika


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Researching Memory and Generation
Monika Palmberger
2. Fragments of Communicative Memory: World War II, Tito and the 1992–95 War
Monika Palmberger
3. Divided Education: Divergent Historiographies…

Latifi, Shahram - Information Technology - New Generations, ebook

Information Technology - New Generations

Latifi, Shahram


Table of contents
Part I. Networking and Wireless Communications
1. Performance Enhancement of OMP Algorithm for Compressed Sensing Based Sparse Channel Estimation in OFDM Systems
Vahid Vahidi, Ebrahim Saberinia
2. CARduino: A Semi-automated…

Thompson, Janna - Should Current Generations Make Reparation for Slavery?, ebook

Should Current Generations Make Reparation for Slavery?

Thompson, Janna


However, since the perpetrators are long dead, should current generations make reparation for this historic injustice?
In this book, Janna Thompson uses three case studies – France’s treatment of Haiti, Britain’s role in the African slave trade, and the plight

Bennett, Andy - Youth Cultures, Transitions, and Generations, ebook

Youth Cultures, Transitions, and Generations

Bennett, Andy


Cultures, Transitions, and Generations: The Case for a New Youth Studies
Dan Woodman, Andy Bennett
2. Transitions, Cultures, and Identities: What Is Youth Studies?
Andy Furlong
3. Complex Worlds, Complex Identities: Complexity in Youth Studies

Légaré, Jacques - Ages, Generations and the Social Contract, ebook

Ages, Generations and the Social Contract

Légaré, Jacques


Generations, Social Contract and Labour Force Participation: Theoretical and Empirical Issues
3. Economics of the Intergenerational Debate: Normative, Accounting and Political Viewpoints
André Masson
4. Reorganizing the Activity Cycle: The Stakes in a New