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Connell, Raewyn W. - Gender: In World Perspective, ebook

Gender: In World Perspective

Connell, Raewyn W.


How can we understand gender in the contemporary world? What psychological differences now exist between women and men? How are masculinities and femininities made? And what is the relationship between gender issues and globalizing concerns such as environmental

Murayama, Mayumi - Gender and Development, ebook

Gender and Development

Murayama, Mayumi


Introduction: An Attempt to Integrate Gender and Development Issues of Japan and Developing Countries
Mayumi Murayama
Part I. Reviewing Japanese Experiences
2. Economic Development and Gender Disparities: The Japanese

Detraz, Nicole - International Security and Gender, ebook

International Security and Gender

Detraz, Nicole

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This broad list highlights the fact that security is an idea with multiple meanings, but do we all experience security issues in the same way?
In this book, Nicole Detraz explores the broad terrain of security studies through a gender lens. Assumptions about masculinity

Sørensen, Marie Louise Stig - Gender Archaeology, ebook

Gender Archaeology

Sørensen, Marie Louise Stig


This major new textbook explores the relations between gender and archaeology, providing an innovative and important account of how material culture is used in the construction of gender. Throughout this lively and accessible text, Sorensen engages with

Brettell, Caroline B. - Gender and Migration, ebook

Gender and Migration

Brettell, Caroline B.


Gender roles, relations, and ideologies are major aspects of migration. This timely book argues that understanding gender relations is vital to a full and more nuanced explanation of both the causes and the consequences

Eppler, Eva - Gender and Spoken Interaction, ebook

Gender and Spoken Interaction

Eppler, Eva


Theoretical Issues for the Study of Gender and Spoken Interaction
Deborah Cameron
2. Doing Gender Against the Odds: A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Educational Discourse
Joan Swann
3. Airhostess Legs and Jealous Husbands:

Sjoberg, Laura - Gender, War, and Conflict, ebook

Gender, War, and Conflict

Sjoberg, Laura


This begs the question - how useful are traditional gendered categories in understanding the dynamics of war and conflict? And why are our stories of gender roles in war typically