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Garrard, Peter - The Leadership Hubris Epidemic, ebook

The Leadership Hubris Epidemic

Garrard, Peter


Table of contents
Part I. Biology
1. Frontotemporal Dementia: A Clue to the Biological Basis of Hubris Syndrome?
Peter Garrard
2. From Molecule to Market
John Coates, Mark Gurnell, Zoltan Sarnyai
3. The Winner Effect—The Neuropsychology…

Planet, Lonely - Curiosities and Splendour, ebook

Curiosities and Splendour

Planet, Lonely


Features extracts from: The Worst Journey in the World - Apsley Cherry-Garrard The Road to Oxiana - Robert Byron Sea and Sardinia - DH Lawrence Cruise of the Snark - Jack London American Notes - Charles Dickens Through the Brazilian Wilderness - Teddy Roosevelt