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Parsons, P. J. - Of Course Tennis, ebook

Of Course Tennis

Parsons, P. J.


The perils and pitfalls of committee membership are explained, and there are some useful hints and anecdotes for those wishing to improve their performance with the help of a little gamesmanship.

Parsons, P J - Of Course Football, ebook

Of Course Football

Parsons, P J


It's a funny game, football. PJ Parsons has been an enthusiastic follower of the sport since his childhood in the 1930s and 40s, playing it and watching it, analysing it, discussing it and laughing good-humouredly at it. Here he takes a comical look at…

McCord, Gary - Golf For Dummies, ebook

Golf For Dummies

McCord, Gary


Learn your ABCs – master the basics, from golf lingo and choosing your clubs, to who to play with and whereWatch your step – get the lowdown on golf rules, how to keep score, and take a crash-course on gamesmanship and the do's and taboos of golf-course