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Jones, Greg - Learning Games, ebook

Learning Games

Jones, Greg


Before Learning with Games: What Are They, Where Do They Come From, Should I Use or Design Them, and How Can I Start From an Ethical Mindset?
2. What Is (and Is Not) a Learning Game?
Scott J. Warren, Greg Jones
3. Why

Mariani, Ilaria - Location-Based Mobile Games, ebook

Location-Based Mobile Games

Mariani, Ilaria


Informal Learning Between Design and Play
Davide Spallazzo, Ilaria Mariani
4. The Social Dimension of Located Play
Davide Spallazzo, Ilaria Mariani
5. LBMG as Persuasive Medium
Davide Spallazzo, Ilaria Mariani
6. Stories, Metaphors and Disclosures:

Becker, K. - The Guide to Computer Simulations and Games, ebook

The Guide to Computer Simulations and Games

Becker, K.


The first computer simulation book for anyone designing or building a game
Answering the growing demand for a book catered for those who design, develop, or use simulations and games this book teaches you exactly what you need to know in order to understand the simulations you build or

Leyh, Christian - Gamification und Serious Games, ebook

Gamification und Serious Games

Leyh, Christian


Serious Games und Gamification – Anwendungen in der Hochschulpraxis
8. Game-Based Learning, Serious Games, Business Games und Gamification –Lernförderliche Anwendungsszenarien, gewonnene