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Jones, Greg - Learning Games, ebook

Learning Games

Jones, Greg


Before Learning with Games: What Are They, Where Do They Come From, Should I Use or Design Them, and How Can I Start From an Ethical Mindset?
2. What Is (and Is Not) a Learning Game?
Scott J. Warren, Greg Jones
3. Why and How Can Games

Isaias, Pedro - Towards Learning and Instruction in Web 3.0, ebook

Towards Learning and Instruction in Web 3.0

Isaias, Pedro


SQAR: An Annotation-Based Study Process to Enhance the Learner’s Personal Learning
Belkacem Mostefai, Faiçal Azouaou, Amar Balla
3. Online Formative Assessment in a Medical PBL-Curriculum
Stefan P. Minder, Felix M. Schmitz, Sissel Guttormsen Schär