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Lassenius, Veronica - Fungi: pyrstöt pyörimään!, ebook

Fungi: pyrstöt pyörimään!

Lassenius, Veronica


"Kun sen biitin kuulen, mun on pakko alkaa veivaa, veivaa veivaa! Jos sä tuut mukaan, mua pysähtymään ei saa, ei saa, ei saa!" Fridan ja Maxin arki maan alla sijaitsevassa Fungi-kerrostalossa on täynnä hauskoja sattumuksia, omalaatuisia naapureita ja jännittäviä pulmatilanteita.

Kubicek, Christian P. - Fungi and Lignocellulosic Biomass, ebook

Fungi and Lignocellulosic Biomass

Kubicek, Christian P.

From 206,80€

Harnessing fungi’s enzymatic ability to break down lignocellulolytic biomass to produce ethanol more efficiently and cost-effectively has become a significant research and industrial interest. Fungi and Lignocellulosic Biomass provides readers with

Campbell, Colin K. - Identification of Pathogenic Fungi, ebook

Identification of Pathogenic Fungi

Campbell, Colin K.

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Since the first edition of Identification of Pathogenic Fungi, there has been incredible progress in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of fungal diseases: new methods of diagnosis have been introduced, and new antifungal agents have been licensed for use. However, these developments

Kavanagh, Kevin - Fungi: Biology and Applications, ebook

Fungi: Biology and Applications

Kavanagh, Kevin


The latest edition of the highly successful Fungi: Biology and Applications teaches the basic information required to understand the place of fungi in the world while adding three new chapters that take the study of fungi

Kavanagh, Kevin - Fungi: Biology and Applications, ebook

Fungi: Biology and Applications

Kavanagh, Kevin


Fungi: Biology and Applications , Second Edition  provides a comprehensive treatment of   fungi, covering biochemistry, genetics and the medical and economic significance of these organisms at introductory level.  With no prior knowledge

Kavanagh, Kevin - Fungi: Biology and Applications, ebook

Fungi: Biology and Applications

Kavanagh, Kevin


Fungi: Biology and Applications is a comprehensive, balanced introduction of the biology, biotechnological applications and medical significance of fungi. With no prior knowledge of the subject assumed, the opening chapters offer a broad overview of

Thüs, Holger - Fungi, ebook


Thüs, Holger


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Holger Thüs, Matthias Schultz
2. Glossary
Holger Thüs, Matthias Schultz
3. General Key
Holger Thüs, Matthias Schultz
4. Keys to the Species and Species Profiles (in alphabetic order)

Sciortino, Carmen V. - Atlas of Clinically Important Fungi, ebook

Atlas of Clinically Important Fungi

Sciortino, Carmen V.


Although there are many texts that provide quality information for the identification of fungi, researchers and technologists rarely have time to read the text. Most are rushed for time and seek morphological information that helps guide them to the identification of fungi.
The Atlas

Raghukumar, Chandralata - Biology of Marine Fungi, ebook

Biology of Marine Fungi

Raghukumar, Chandralata


Molecular Diversity of Fungi from Marine Oxygen-Deficient Environments (ODEs)
Cathrine Sumathi Jebaraj, Dominik Forster, Frank Kauff, Thorsten Stoeck
11. Assemblage and Diversity of Fungi on Wood and Seaweed Litter of Seven

Gherbawy, Youssuf - Molecular Identification of Fungi, ebook

Molecular Identification of Fungi

Gherbawy, Youssuf


Quantitative Detection of Fungi by Molecular Methods: A Case Study on Fusarium
Kurt Brunner, Robert L. Mach
6. DNA-Based Tools for the Detection of Fusarium spp. Pathogenic on Maize
Ivan Visentin, Danila Valentino, Francesca Cardinale, Giacomo