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Ao, Sio-Iong - Electronic Engineering and Computing Technology, ebook

Electronic Engineering and Computing Technology

Ao, Sio-Iong


Table of contents
1. On the Experimental Control of a Separately Excited DC Motor
Rubén Salas-Cabrera, Jonathan C. Mayo-Maldonado, Erika Y. Rendón-Fraga, E. Nacú Salas-Cabrera, Aaron González-Rodríguez
2. MASH Digital Delta–Sigma Modulator with Multi-Moduli
Tao Xu, Marissa Condon
3. Sensorless PM-Drive

Kamyshny, Alexander - Nanomaterials for 2D and 3D Printing, ebook

Nanomaterials for 2D and 3D Printing

Kamyshny, Alexander


The first book to paint a complete picture of the challenges of processing functional nanomaterials for printed electronics devices, and additive manufacturing fabrication processes.
Following an introduction to printed electronics,