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McKee, Alan - FUN!, ebook


McKee, Alan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Alan McKee
2. Entertainment and Fun
Alan McKee
3. What Is Fun?
Alan McKee
4. In Defence of Fun
Alan McKee
5. Bad Fun
Alan McKee
6. A World of Fun
Alan McKee
7. Conclusion
Alan McKee

Bonham, Margaret H. - Having Fun With Agility, ebook

Having Fun With Agility

Bonham, Margaret H.


A positive agility training method that's fun for you and your dog
Designed expressly for dog owners who want the interactive thrill of agility sports without the rigid rules, pressures, and expenses of competition, Having Fun with Agility is a

Chan, Tze-Fun - Applied Intelligent Control of Induction Motor Drives, ebook

Applied Intelligent Control of Induction Motor Drives

Chan, Tze-Fun


Induction motors are the most important workhorses in industry. They are mostly used as constant-speed drives when fed from a voltage source of fixed frequency. Advent of advanced power electronic converters and powerful digital signal processors, however,…

Duncan, Christopher - Have Fun, Get Paid, ebook

Have Fun, Get Paid

Duncan, Christopher


Table of contents
1. The Creative Mindset
Christopher Duncan
2. This Is Business
Christopher Duncan
3. Becoming Self-Sufficient
Christopher Duncan
4. What Do You Want?
Christopher Duncan
5. Think Like a Start-Up